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Dashboard Jarvis

Dashboard Jarvis

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Description: Meet the Ez Modo Dashboard Jarvis, your intelligent co-pilot for an enhanced driving experience. This 10.26" Smart Car DVR seamlessly supports wireless Carplay and Android Auto, allowing effortless calls, music, messages, navigation, and more. With versatile interfaces, including AV-In, AV-Out, Bluetooth, HDMI, SD/MMC, USB2.0, and Micro SD/TF, and a crystal-clear 3840x2160 resolution, Dashboard Jarvis brings innovation to your dashboard. NightShot function, loop-cycle recording, and an included backup camera make every drive safe and technologically advanced.


  1. Q: Compatible with Apple and Android devices?

    • A: Yes, Dashboard Jarvis supports wireless Carplay and Android Auto functions.
  2. Q: Fits any vehicle with a cigarette lighter?

    • A: Absolutely, easily plugs into any standard cigarette lighter.
  3. Q: Comes with a backup camera?

    • A: Yes, Model A includes a backup camera for added safety.
  4. Q: What interfaces are supported?

    • A: Dashboard Jarvis features AV-In, AV-Out, Bluetooth, HDMI, SD/MMC, USB2.0, and Micro SD/TF.
  5. Q: External memory capacity?

    • A: Supports up to 256GB external memory for ample storage space.


  • Screen Size: 10.26 inches


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